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A coach for all the things seminary never taught you about leadership.

Most pastors never received practical training on leadership and organizational management.

At Pastor Guide, we give you the skills, practices, and resources you need to successfully lead yourself and your ministry.

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“I wasn’t ready for all this.”

We meet pastors all the time who received great training for crafting a solid sermon and counseling people in crisis.

But their questions expose a huge gap in practical equipping for the day-to-day:

  • How do I effectively manage my time so I prioritize my family and life outside work?
  • How do I coach an unhealthy staff team?
  • What’s the healthy way to think about church growth?
  • What do I do with a chronically underperforming employee?

We equip you with the tools and resources you need to meet the demands of your ministry role with confidence. 

At Pastor Guide, you’ll learn how to

Build a Life Plan:

integrate tools for productivity that benefit your ministry and your personal life

Plan Strategically:

align your ministry around a clear and compelling mission with measurable progress

Develop a Culture:

effectively train new hires, manage current staff, and empower your leaders

You’ll also receive ongoing support through weekly calls and access to interviews with prominent church and ministry leaders.


Over 50 years of ministry and leadership experience.

We’ve been there. We understand the complexity of needing to be both a good church pastor and a strong organizational leader.

You don’t have to keep feeling overwhelmed. We can help you take your next step towards becoming the pastor and leader you were made to be.

What our members are saying: 

“Pastor Guide helped prepare me for both the expected and unexpected challenges in church planting. The content provides both general answers to the questions all pastors have as well as the specific questions I have for my particular ministry context.”

Brian Darrow, lead pastor at The W Church

3 Steps to Unlock Your Leadership Potential


Get access to on-demand video teaching, live weekly Q&A, and exclusive interviews with leaders who understand your world.


Utilize resource templates tailored to your specific needs and get feedback from real-life practitioners.


Take purposeful next steps on a proven path of leadership development to lead your team with confidence and competence.

At Pastor Guide, we know you want to be a good pastor and lead a healthy ministry team.

You know you need to grow and get better, but the gap between where you are and where you want to be as a leader is frustrating.

We get it. We know what it’s like to feel overwhelmed by all you’re supposed to figure out. We have met so many pastors who were sent out without the practical training they needed.

That’s why we have pulled together tried-and-true resources and practices to help you grow and find success.

From church plants to multi-site campuses, we’ve been where you are and we can offer you a path toward becoming a better leader and pastor.

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Gain the practical training you need, and start applying resources that will help you and your ministry thrive.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you are still deciding whether Pastor Guide is right for you, head to our Contact Us page and shoot us an email. We'd love to talk.

What if I don’t have the time?

If you hope to lead a thriving, growing church, you MUST prioritize your growth and development. Our on-demand content can be tailored to a pace that is right for you, with opportunities to access additional resources and training as you are ready.

What if I don’t have the money?

We pay the gym because we prioritize our physical health, and we pay for coaching because we prioritize growth as leaders. Build this into your church budget as an investment in your ministry. You’ll likely save 100x the cost of your subscription by avoiding mistakes you’d otherwise make, in staffing alone.

Can’t I get most of this kind of content for free elsewhere?

In all you oversee as a pastor, you don’t always have time to do the “ministry translation” necessary with executive coaching resources. We curated from the best minds in productivity, leadership, and management, and contextualized it into practical takeaways for high-level ministry leaders.

Will this be relevant to me and my stage in leadership?

Whether you’re brand new to ministry or a seasoned pastor, our curriculum provides you with helpful next steps to progress as a leader. You’ll also connect with other leaders during interviews and live Q&A and be able to apply what you learn to your context right away.

Take Your Next Step

Your leadership potential is waiting. We'd love to join you in the journey to becoming the ministry leader God made you to be.


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