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Reaching your greatest leadership potential.

Pastor Guide includes Live Weekly Q&A with Brian Howard, two years worth of actionable videos, and a private Facebook group with like-minded pastors.

Join Today - $97 per month One Church Leader Join Today - $197 per month UNLIMITED Church Leaders


Pastor Guide Pricing:

We have two plans currently. As soon as you sign up you'll have immediate access to the Life Planning module and then you'll receive your first video session in 7 days. We have LIVE Video Q&A's every week as well. We'll also add you (and your team if you signed up for that package) to our private facebook group.

Individual Membership

$97.00 USD every month

One user access to videos, private Facebook group, and weekly live video Q&A. 


Team Membership

$197.00 USD every month

Unlimited user access to videos, private Facebook group, and weekly Q&A. 



Welcome, my name is Brian Howard

I’ve spent the last 15 years coaching and mentoring leaders like you. I have coached and worked with thousands of pastors – many of them nationally known and in large church contexts. But I have also coached hundreds of pastors planting churches, and pastoring smaller churches. I have worked with leaders across denominations and on several continents. I specialize in helping pastors like you lead more effectively. Over the past fifteen years, I have done a lot of one on one coaching and coached several hundred leaders in over two dozen coaching cohorts.

But with Pastor Guide, I have finally put together a coaching process for you that includes all the best of one on one coaching, the best of my coaching cohorts, and a whole system for teaching you to be a next level leader.

Brian Howard, [email protected]

Who is Pastor Guide For?

If you relate to any of these church scenarios, Pastor Guide is for you.

Growing Rapidly

Pastor Guide is for pastors of churches that are growing rapidly and who are looking to create systems to make sure that you continue to reach people.

Just Starting

Pastor Guide is also for the church planter who is just starting, for the church planter who can preach but needs to learn to lead more effectively.

Established Church

Pastor Guide is also for the established church leader that is looking to lead at a higher level, and who desires to learn to lead more effectively

Stagnant Leader

And Pastor Guide is for the church that is stagnant and is looking to address key areas to move forward into greater gospel effectiveness.

Join Today - $97 per month One Church Leader Join Today - $197 per month UNLIMITED Church Leaders


"I was so glad to see Brian develop PastorGuide and I was even more glad to to sign up myself. I love what Brian is giving us here: live access to a world class coach on a bi-weekly basis, a growing original video library of best practices for ministry, and a community of like minded pastors. The energy and shared learning dimension in PastorGuide is vital, and something that you don't get in one-on-one coaching. The bottom line: no matter your qualifications, your level of education or your skill level, we all need regular encouragement in ministry. PastorGuide is a great place to start. Every time I leave the LIVE Q&A I come away with a little more joy, a little more purpose, and a little more efficacy in my ministry."

James Harvey
Pastor at epcnewark.org

"As a recent church planter, I have become fully aware of the unexpected challenges that were presented days and months after opening. Brian Howard has helped prepare me for both expected and unexpected challenges. He has helped me set a course for success as we now have a clear cut vision, a plan and method to execute that vision, and a way to measure the success that we are experiencing. As pastors, we all know that it is only the Holy Spirit that changes hearts, but it is our job to be diligent to learn and to grow to become the best leaders possible to further the Kingdom of God. PastorGuide not only provides general answers to pastors corporately, but it gives me answers to questions specific to the church God has called me to plant in a specific community that He’s called me to reach. I would recommend PastorGuide to both seasoned pastors as well as church planters desiring to make the most of their call to reach the lost and build up the saints."

Brian Darrow
Lead Pastor The W Church

"PastorGuide has been a tremendous help to me. The format is flexible, adaptable and perfectly pitched. Brian’s wisdom, experience and infectious enthusiasm have all combined to help me think with greater clarity about key areas of life, work and church life. I wholeheartedly recommend it."

Gary Aston
Pastor of Redeemer Church

"The past eight weeks with Pastor Guide and Brian Howard have been amazing. Brian has brought new information and ideas to my world as well as revisited items I needed reminding of. There is no doubt that me, my team and congregation are all benefiting from my time with Brian. I highly recommend Pastor Guide any leader looking to take themselves up to a new level."

John Baxter
Executive Pastor Graceway


How Does Pastor Guide Work?

You'll receive a video coaching session every other week and also a weekly LIVE QA video call with Brian Howard. All of this coaching is provided in a members-only website. You’ll be able to follow along and learn at your own pace after each module is released.

How Much Time Will Pastor Guide Coaching Take?

You will have 24/7 access to coaching and community right away. We release two coaching module each month, so that you are able to grow weekly and not get bogged down.

How much does Pastor Guide Cost?

The investment for Pastor Guide is $97 a month for one Church Leader or $197 per month for Unlimited Church Leaders. My encouragement to you is to build this into your church budget as this is an investment in you as a leader and in your church. I am confident in telling you that you are likely to save 100 times the cost of pastor guide by avoiding mistakes you would otherwise make. – In church staffing at minimum.

"Brian Howard is a wise, experienced, and effective coach. Brian is unusually gifted to perceive opportunities and identify challenges and to map out a strategy that fits the situation. His insight and expertise is a gift."

Russell Moore
Author and President – The Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission

"Brian has, with laser-like accuracy, been effective in coaching guys through various epics in their lives and ministries. It takes a seasoned sage to listen, gather the necessary big data and guide an individual to walking in wisdom. I commend Brian to you and would advise you to grab every minute, hour or weekend you can with him."

Dan Dumas
(Former) Senior Vice President – Southern Baptist Theological Seminary – Louisville, KY

"Brian Howard has a genuine commitment to people. I am very thankful for his involvement in my life. I heartily recommend him as a coach and mentor."

Steve Timmis
CEO of Acts 29
Join Today - $97 per month One Church Leader Join Today - $197 per month UNLIMITED Church Leaders

Brian Howard

Brian has over 24 years of proven leadership experience as a leadership coach, working with high-level leaders from around the world. He has coached hundreds of leaders and brought health to dozens of organizations through his consulting expertise. Brian works with CEO’s, professional sports coaches, professional athletes, business owners, artists, and non-profit leaders. He has coached all to new levels of accomplishment. Brian has successfully started and built several non-profit organizations and for-profit companies.

Brian lives in Southern California and has been married to his wife Chandra for 23 years. They have four children, ages 12-18.  He enjoys running, watching his kids surf, PAC 12 basketball, and fresh sushi.


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