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How It Works

We have developed a process that takes advantage of both live coaching sessions and on-demand learning.

Weekly Live Coaching Calls

Our calls each week rotate through different topics.

  1. Guest Speakers: Opportunity to hear from big name leaders from across the country, various denominations and positions of leadership influence.
  2. Curriculum: Sequenced lessons that coach you to build the skills you need to grow from not just a leader in the pulpit but also an effective organizational and team leader.
  3. Monthly “Look Ahead”: Practical planning to teach you how to strategically plan and prepare for your ministry rhythms and church calendar.

On-Demand Video Curriculum 

Your subscription gets you access to 60 videos, broken down into topical modules. Modules cover a variety of pastoral and organizational leadership lessons and include practical steps and resources for implementation of the content.

Module include topics like:

  • Life planning and priority management

  • Vision and outreach planning

  • Hiring, onboarding, and staff development

  • Church growth, volunteer recruitment, and getting people connected 

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